Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sex: God, Gross, or Gift

Sex can be viewed in one of three ways. It can be viewed as god, gross, or gift. The first two ways are pure idolatry. Idolatry is putting something or someone in the place of your worship of God. It's placing someone or something into a god-like status.

Sex Can Be A God In Your Life:
In our culture, this is often the main view of sex. Watch any television show, movie, listen to music, etc., and you will see a culture that elevates sex. Here are three ways sex is viewed as God.

  • Watching pornograph (which generates revenues of $90 billion worldwide)
  • Sending pictures of yourself that you shouldn't be sending to others...ever!
  • And sinful relationships in which you might be in right now.
The first commandment commands us to worship God alone. If we obey this command, then we don't find ourselves worshipping other people and other things (like sex) as functional gods. If we find ourselves falling into sin, we still continue to worship, but do so as idolaters treating people and things as gods. Do you see the point? Sometimes sex can be our god. We disobey God, stop worshiping him, and start worship things and people.

Sex Can Be A Gross Thing In Your Life:
There are a few ways sex can be seen as gross. They are most commonly seen in these ways: The first way sex could potentially be seen as gross in your life is if you have experienced bad teaching on sex. Bad teaching on sex leads to a bad understanding of sex. These teachings might say something like, "Don't have sex, because you don't want to be all used up for your future spouse." That is a horrendous way to look at sex and teach sex.

The second way, might be that you've had bad experiences with sex. I'm talking about the terrible acts of molestation or rape. This is a reality for many people. If this terrible act of sin has happened to you, then you might have a bad view of sex at this point in your life. I would encourage you to talk with someone about this immediately. This is something you will need to work through with a counselor.

Finally, you might see sex as gross if you are embarrassed by it. We should never be embarrassed by sex, because sex is a gift given by God to us. God created it. Within the appropriate context, we are to enjoy this great gift God has given us.

Sex Should Be Seen As A GIFT In Your Life:
Sex is a GIFT within the context of marriage, given by God, to married couples. Sex is not given as a gift to boyfriends and girlfriends. It's not given as a gift to middle schoolers or high schoolers or college students or young professionals or those engaged or retirees in a nursery home. Sex is a gift given by God to be pursued without fear, without hesitation, in full safety, in full unity, and in the full covenant commitment of marriage alone!

Anything outside of that-whether pornography, sending inappropriate pictures of yourself, a relationship you are in that you shouldn't be in, or anything, God forbid, that has happened to you sexually in a terrible way-is an absolute abomination and spit in the face of the God who created sex and perfectly gave it to us to be enjoyed in the context of marriage.

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