Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Parent Newsletter:

For Parents on the Go:
1. Beginning June 8th drop your son or daughter off at 6:00 PM for summer meals and games in the Youth Room. Cost: $3 per meal

2. Summer Camp: Mission Fuge at Liberty University. June 20-24th.

3. July 28th we will be going to the U.S. National Whitewater Rafting Center. Cost: $60.

4. Young Men’s Bible Study every Wednesday morning at the Waffel House in King. Encourage your son to come out to the Waffle House every Wednesday morning this summer for meal and a time of man shaping Bible study. If he needs a ride please let me know and I will pick him up. Oh yea, the meal’s on me!

5. Every Wednesday night your teenager has the opportunity to lead the lesson this summer. Please encourage either him or her to sign up to teach a lesson.

It’s here. The weather is finally getting warmer. Spirits are up. The days are long. The end of school is nigh. The unofficial beginning of season–Memorial Day weekend–has passed.

Which means in a little over three months we’ll all be moaning, “Where did the summer go? I can’t believe it’s over.” So what can we do over the next hundred days or so to help alleviate that feeling of loss? Or to put it positively, what can we do to make the most of June, July, and August? Here are twenty-one suggestions.

1. Forget about all the days you’ve missed on your Bible reading plan. Pick up with the schedule this summer and stick with it.

2. Choose 12-15 verses to memorize. Work on one a week.

3. Drive with the windows down, and keep the windows open at night.

4. Take a road trip and sing loudly in the car.

5. Take your kids to a baseball game.

6. Catch fireflies.

7. Play kickball in the backyard.

8. Take a prayer break everyday.

9. Make plans now to watch the Summer Olympics. Go ahead and binge. They only come around every four years.

10. When you’re driving across the country, don’t freak out about stopping at McDonald’s.

11. Keep track of how many hot dogs you eat, and don’t feel bad about any of them.

12.  Run/walk/watch a 5k.

13. Go to a parade; watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.

14. Check Facebook and Twitter and Instagram a lot less.

15. Go outside. Play at the beach. Take a walk. Give thanks to God for his creation.

16. Read a book just for fun. Read another book by someone who’s dead.

17. Stop by the nursing home, the hospital, or the assisted living unit and visit someone who would love to be outside.

18. Go swimming. Don’t worry about how you look (be modest of course!).

19. Invite a friend to church.

20. Buy something from the ice cream truck.

21. Enjoy this summer and make it a summer to remember

Reaching, Teaching, Releasing,

Pastor T

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