Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weird Kids:

Last night, Piper and I were running around our house with our shirts off beating our chests and yelling like Tarzan. I would than flex my fat and Piper would copy me. We were quite a sight. We were having a blast when Julia came home and laughed at us and called us weird. I love being called weird and I think we need more weird in the world.

Here are five reasons I genuinely want my kids to be a little “ weird. ”

1. “Normal” isn’t working.

A few years ago, a pastor named Craig Groeschel wrote a book called “Weird,” and the premise was that our culture’s “normal” values are: Debt, divorce, depression, materialism, promiscuity, selfishness and a bunch of other unhealthy stuff.

He challenged us to create new trends which may go against the grain, but would ultimately create healthier, happier and holier lives.

2. Kids are born an original masterpiece, not a carbon copy of someone else.

God wired each child with masterful uniqueness. We should help our kids discover who they were born to be instead of squeezing them into a mold they were never meant to fit.

3. Being a good person is much more important than appearing like a good person.

One of the most dangerous and toxic lessons we can teach our kids is that appearance matters more than reality. Character is a matter of being the same person in both public and private. It means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. If we place too much emphasis on appearances or “fitting in” without teaching the more important issues of integrity and authenticity, we’re doing a huge disservice to our kids (and society as a whole).

4. Our kids are much more important than our egos.

Let’s be honest, most of the time when I get frustrated with one of my kids for doing something “weird,” it’s simply because my pride is wounded and I’m afraid of what people might think of my kid or my parenting. Obviously, it’s important to teach our kids manners and common courtesy and those sorts of things, but we also need to swallow our pride when their self expression doesn’t line up with our own.

5. Let’s face it, we’re ALL a little weird!

Have you ever met a truly “normal” person? Me neither. How boring and sad it would be. Let’s stop acting ashamed of the quirks that make us (and our kids) so beautifully unique. “Normal” people never change the world! Remember, God make you (and your kids) and He has never once made a mistake.

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