Friday, April 1, 2016

April 2016 Parent Newsletter

1. $150 is due for camp ASAP. $150 is due for camp ASAP. We will be going to Mission Fuge Camp June 20-24 at Liberty University. I encourage every parent to send their son or daughter to camp. If you need help with the cost for camp. Please contact me. I will NOT turn anyone away. 

2. April 9th FREE Trip to Liberty University to tour the campus. We will be departing from the church by 9:30 am and will spend the day touring campus and eating lunch in the cafeteria. 

3. We will be starting a series through Exodus on Sunday mornings and a new series on Prayer on Wednesday nights. 

4. Did I mention that $150 is due for camp ASAP.

5. Did I mention that $150 is due for summer camp ASAP.

Dear Parents,

I have a confession to make. I need prayer. I cannot do this job on my own and I need you to pray for me. Below is a list of things you can pray for…

Please pray I seek Jesus alongside the kids, always conscious that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. I must be genuinely aware that I have much to learn from the students I serve and, consequently, the kids feel valued. Such respect is priceless. Everywhere teens go – home, school, activities, parties – they either feel “greater than” or “less than” everyone else. What a beautiful thing to have a place in their lives where each person matters as much as anyone else does, a place where they are enough just as they are.

Pray I feed teenagers the meat of Scripture. Kids this age have an incredibly fine-tuned radar for hypocrisy and lies, and they know when they are being babied. With the guidance of the Spirit, pray I go deep into the Scripture. Teens are hungry for truth and meaning. The Spirit can teach anyone who is willing to listen (no matter their age) the most complex of truths. 

Pray I listen well: someone who responds from a heart aligned with the Word, rather than reacts out of emotion, opinion, disappointment or fear. 

Pray I cultivate in particular the virtues of joy and humility. A youth program permeated by joy and humility is attractive to teens, but even more important, a teen can come to value genuine commitment to a body of believers. 

Pray I am not rattled by the doubts and hard questions teens will raise, but demonstrates a resilient faith that doesn’t have to have all the answers all the time.  

Pray I demonstrate a gracious love that never fails. Pray I do not give up on a kid, no matter how sullen, rebellious, angry, or self-destructive. You never know when a kid might be tempted to give up on himself or herself.

Thank you in advance for praying for me.

Reaching, Teaching and Releasing,

Pastor T

P.S.: Did I mention $150 is due for summer camp ASAP!

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