Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five Ways to Bless Your Husband:

Marriage is hard work. It is also worthwhile work. One of the ways we work through difficult times is by seeking to bless our mates. This is a wonderful path to reconciliation, and it gives evidence of our Lord’s redeeming work in our lives. What follows are some specific ways we can bless our spouses. This list is by Dr. Danny Akin and can be found in his commentary on the Song of Solomon:

Five Ways to Bless Your Husband
A wife can be a blessing to her husband by honoring him as the church honors Christ and giving him specific gifts of love:

1. Give him admiration and respect. As his wife, work to understand and appreciate his value and achievements. Remind him of his capabilities and gifts. Help him maintain his walk with God and also his self-confidence. Be proud of your husband, not out of duty, but as an expression of sincere admiration for the man you love and with whom you have chosen to share life with.

2. Provide sexual fulfillment. Become an excellent sexual partner to him. Study your own response to recognize and understand what brings out the best in you; then communicate this information to your husband, and together learn to have a sexual relationship that you both find repeatedly satisfying and enjoyable.

3. Cultivate home support. Create a home that offers him an atmosphere of peace and quiet and refuge. Manage the home and the care of the children. The home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation. Remember, the wife/mother is the emotional hub of the family.

4. Strive to be an attractive wife. Pursue inner and outer beauty in that order. Cultivate a Christlike spirit in your inner self. Keep yourself physically fit with diet and exercise, wear your hair, makeup, and clothes in a way that your husband finds attractive and tasteful. Let your husband be pleased and proud of you in public, but also in private.

5. Become his best friend. Develop mutual interests with your husband. Discover those activities your husband enjoys the most and seek to become proficient in them. If you learn to enjoy them, join him in them. If you do not enjoy them, encourage him to consider others that you can enjoy together. Become your husband’s best friend so that he repeatedly associates you with the activities he enjoys most.

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