Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Truths We Must Teach Children about Marriage

1. God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman:
We cannot be intimidated in this fight for God's design for marriage. God's Word is clear that marriage is for one man and one woman. He loves all people despite their sin, and we should do the same. But that doesn't mean we must accept all forms of ungodly behavior. Our children are being taught by the world that homosexuality is just as valid as traditional marriage. We need to teach them that it's not. God's way is ways best.

2. Marriage is a life-long commitment:
When we promise "for better or worse" we give our solemn vow. It's not "for better or for worse unless things get really bad" or "to love and to cherish unless I stop loving them". Marriage is a covenant relationship that is meant to last a lifetime. Often we as Christians are scared to openly discuss this because we don't want to offend those who have been hurt by divorce. But those who have gone through a divorce would likely be the first to tell you what heartache and pain it causes. And those whose spouse walked out on them certainly wish their spouse's parents had instilled in them that divorce should not be an option.

3. Marriage is worth waiting for:
Contrary to every other voice in our culture, God's Word still teaches that sex is a gift to be enjoyed exclusively within the bonds of marriage. If we aren't actively teaching this to our teens, they will quickly be persuaded otherwise. But the physical relationship isn't the only area where waiting is important. They must also be patient in waiting for the right person...

4. Marriage is not about being compatible:
Much of the focus on relationships in our society is about being compatible, but the truth is that no two people are compatible 100% of the time... Marriage, while incredible, takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and adjustment. I think lots of marriages break up because no one is teaching young people this concept. So they expect that everything will be wonderful, and at the first sign of trouble they assume they married the wrong person and decide they want out.

5. Marriage is about giving, not receiving:
Marriage is not about what our spouse does for us. It's about what we can do for them. It's not about feeling loved or appreciated. It's about making someone else feel loved and appreciated. The next generation needs to step into marriage ready to give, regardless of whether or not they receive. But this truth, I'm afraid, only means so much when we talk about it. This one, I fear, has to be taught by example.*

*5 Truths Children Won't Know About Marriage Unless We Teach Them by Linda Kardamis

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